Everything in Red (WMV)

Everything in Red (WMV)
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14 mins - 201.8 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Tabitha works as a receptionist for a company where everything they sell is coloured red. They can only afford one receptionist at a time and she has instructions never to leave the front desk or the telephones unattended. On occasion, this is obviously going to be a problem when she needs a visit to the ladies room and cannot wait until her working day ends. Well, today is just such a day. Despite negotiating with her boss for a few minutes' break, Tabitha is compelled to remain at her station no matter what. As the time passes, her desperation rises to an urgent pitch until the inevitable happens, just fifteen minutes before her shift comes to an end. (Tabitha looks good in red, so it was decided to make use of a pair of shorts that Lola and Madison have both worn. The boots were left over from Tabitha's role as Supergirl last year, and completed the red ensemble. They did get rather full of pee this time and will need to be retired. Tabitha took the shorts home with her).