Fighting the Urge (WMV)

Fighting the Urge (WMV)
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19 mins 47 secs - 293.7 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Autumn stands out on the front stoop just after rain has finished falling. Water still drips off the roof and the sound of water trickling in a fountain nearby is clearly audible. And of course, Autumn needs to pee. We stand with her as she fights the urge to let go (in spite of being asked to place her hand in some cold water at one point) and chats to us about the sensations she is experiencing. Her pee dancing becomes more pronounced as she continues standing and holding it. When she wets her trousers, not a lot of moisture is seen on her legs (it's mostly running down the inside), but a lot pours out of the trouser leg cuff onto the stoop. Even in the bathroom afterwards, we see that Autumn's panties don't look very wet, although she clearly peed a lot! It seems we had chosen a combination of water-resistant panties and pants. Ladies, take note: These are good garments to wear to a concert where the lines are always a mile long!