Embarrassing Dilemma (WMV & MP4) - Jasmine St James

Embarrassing Dilemma (WMV & MP4) - Jasmine St James
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Jasmine St James
12 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - WMV: 560.5 MB; MP4: 466.0 MB

To set the scene for this one, Jasmine undertook a bondage escape challenge prior to filming the Embarrassing Dilemma story. Multiple times while she was being tied up, she complained about needing to pee, but since she was already well tied by this point, it was, as she put it herself: "not a good time for a bathroom break." Consequently, she had to wait. The entire video took around 25 minutes to film, and it took a further five minutes to untie Jasmine afterwards because she was unable to escape. So it was that by the time she climbed into the rather tight suit to perform a desperation video, she was very, very desperate to pee. The premise is one where Jasmine has arrived home from work, accidentally locked her keys in the car and cannot get into her house. She badly needs to pee, so she goes to her neighbour's house hoping to use his bathroom. Alas, the bathroom is occupied, so Jasmine has to make do with calling her boyfriend to encourage him to hurry home. (Jasmine admitted that she has had this experience in real life, so she experienced a distinct sense of déjà vu). Left alone in the neighbour's house, Jasmine frantically pee dances and holds her crotch, really hard, to try to keep from pissing herself. The video was suppose to be at least fifteen minutes, but Jasmine was really bursting and could not hold it. She pissed herself despite her best efforts not to, which made it a truly authentic performance.