Finishing School (MP4) - Emily

Finishing School (MP4) - Emily
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Emily - Finishing School
21 minutes 52 seconds - 960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 993.0 MB

Emily is just concluding a year at finishing school where she has learned to comport herself with grace and dignity, to be tactful conversationalist, and to exercise self-control when there is nothing she would rather do than leave a social event and go home to relax in front of the TV. On this, the final day of Emily's training, she has one final test to pass. It is saved until last because it is, in many ways, the hardest one where one is required to remain composed and polite, even when dealing with a very full bladder. Emily has already been drinking, and now has a glass in her hand to be socialable, although she would rather do anything except drink the contents. That might be perceived as rude, so she makes herself drink and keep up her end of a conversation. As the minutes pass, her desire to pee becomes very insistent and she is having difficulty when it comes to resisting the urge to wiggle her legs. Her instructor cautions her that she must get this urge under control, no matter how full her bladder, and so Emily redoubles her efforts. She is really bursting, however, and can't take much more of this torture. Finally, she sacrifices her diploma in order to gain relief through wetting herself in front of the instructor.