Forced to Drive (WMV)

Forced to Drive (WMV)
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18 mins - 356.2 - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Anna is just going out, but as she climbs into her car a man with a gun leaps out of the trees on the roadside and climbs into the back of the vehicle, ordering her to drive. An hour later, Anna is still driving and now she needs to pee. She tries to reason with her abductor, promising that if he will let her stop and relieve herself, she will stop complaining about her situation. He refuses and continues to give her directions to a place where he is to rendezvous with a contact. After what seems an eternity on the road, Anna is told to pull off onto a quiet track and park. As they sit waiting for the man's contact to arrive, Anna sits squirming in desperation, worrying that she might soon wet herself on her car seat. The man refuses to let her get out of the vehicle, forcing Anna to sit there and carry on holding it. At last, when it becomes clear that the contact is a no show, the man orders Anna to drive him back to her home where he plans to spend the night and try the rendezvous again at the same time tomorrow. Anna drives him back and lets him into the house, pleading for the use of the bathroom before it is too late! The man tells her she can go but that he must come in and watch. Anna is bursting by this time and will agree to anything. He watches Anna pull down her panties and pee into the toilet, then to make sure she can't call for help when he falls asleep, he handcuffs her to a chair. Anna asks what she is supposed to do when she needs to pee again, but the main is not interested in her predicament.