Forced to Stand With a Full Bladder (QUICKTIME)

Forced to Stand With a Full Bladder (QUICKTIME)
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12 mins - 250.3 - HD (1280x720 pixels)
After holding it wearing jeans, Rachael had some more to drink and embarked on a bondage video. Snippets of this video are included at the start of this movie to convey an impression of how long Rachael had to hold it before we got to the next Bound2Burst scenario. Having been secured with zip ties in the living room, then tied up with rope in the trunk of a car, Rachael is finally handcuffed in a standing position in the basement. She is dying to pee at the start, and as she talks to her captor you can hear the shake and desperation in her voice as she pleads to be allowed to use the bathroom. Naturally, our kidnapper won't release her and Rachael is made to stand there crossing her legs, moaning and gasping as she tries to delay the moment when her muscles give way. No one can wait forever, of course, and it is not too long before a desperate Rachael, who has been holding on for the past half an hour, finally wets herself. (As a woman who enjoys bondage as a lifestyle, she has found herself in this situation for real, more than once!)