Faux Arrest (WMV)

Faux Arrest (WMV)
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13 mins - 262.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

In this scenario, Autumn has been pulled over by a cop and arrested for driving under the influence. Instead of taking her to the police station, however, he has driven her to his house. He argues that if he took Autumn in right away she would be well over the limit, but if he keeps her on ice for a few hours, the blood-alcohol level will drop and she will only be charged with a minor driving offence. Naturally, Autumn needs to pee since she has been drinking alcohol, but the cop is not prepared to let her use the bathroom. Instead, he leaves her cuffed and secures her to a chair, forcing her to sit with her legs apart. He leaves Autumn alone, and eventually she reaches the point where she is bursting to pee and can't hold it any longer. She has to wet her jeans where she sits, and gives herself a good soaking in the process. (For most of the peeing sequence, one can see Autumn's entire body, including the pee gushing off the sides of her legs because of the sheer force of the flow).