Just Skirts 11 (WMV)

Just Skirts 11 (WMV)
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50 mins - 734.0 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

10 models - 16 wetting accidents

The eleventh compilation of Bound2Burst female wetting scenes where the models are wearing skirts or dresses. Pee runs down their legs, onto their stockings, and into their shoes or boots. In some scenes, you see them lifting their skirts and using the toilet; in others, they just have to wet themselves. This set is drawn from movies recorded during the period February - March 2009. The movie resolution is 768x576 pixels and plays at 2,000 kbps.

The excerpts in this compilation typically run 3-4 minutes each, capturing the last moments of desperation, the wetting and, in some cases, the wet clothing afterwards. Please note that while models are occasionally shown taking off a skirt or dress to show their panties, this is not a guaranteed feature of any clip.

Scenes in Just Skirts 11 are taken from the following movies:

    Lola & Nyxon - from Salon Desperation
    Jayne - from Dying for the Loo
    Tabitha - from Late Home
    Beverley - from Changing Room Mishap
    Amanda - from Too Busy to Pee
    Madison & Maria - from Two Incompetent Secretaries
    Danielle - from The League of Desperate Ladies 4
    Jayne - from Teasing
    Tabitha - from Another Inspection
    Beverley - from Serving a Subpoena (While Desperate to Pee)
    Amanda - from A Few Tales of Desperation
    Maria - from Pee Talk
    Danielle - from I'm Trying Not to Wet My Panties
    Jynx - from Bursting Business Girl