Briella's Audition (WMV)

Briella's Audition (WMV)
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21 mins - 338.2 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Briella turned up for a bondage shoot, and while we were discussing websites and links thereto, we got to talking about Bound2Burst. Briella said she has done a little bit of watersports work in the past, so we decided to book a shoot for her to try it out. A little later in the day after finishing a rather long bondage movie, she was just on her way into the bathroom when some evil person suggested that perhaps we could do a pee desperation tryout right away. Briella agreed, and started from a fairly desperate place, she drank more than a bottle of water, then we began filming. Her body language made it clear from the start of her audition movie that she had to go pretty badly. Indeed, her own comment in an e-mail the following day was: "I thought it would be hard to pee in front of someone, but I guess when you got to go you got to go. I see how your body just takes over. Man I had to pee bad! But it was a real blast, and I definitely want to work with you again." As she stood in the dining room squirming in desperation and being asked to talk about real life desperation, she was faced with an additional hurdle insofar as she was wearing both tights and a leotard under her skirt, so getting the clothes off to pee was not going to be a quick job. As she mentioned, Briella was not sure she could pee in front of a camera, but she did pee while standing there. It isn't a massive gush - she's more of a stop-start girl - and the leotard soaked up some of it. It was clear from the limited amount she released that she was still holding a lot of pee in her bladder, and she decided she would like to do the rest in the bathroom, clothes off. She was happy to have the camera (and, um, the cameraman) follow her and watch her remove the skirt and unzip the leotard, and finally sit down and go, again in a series of spurts.