You Can't Go Yet (WMV)

You Can't Go Yet (WMV)
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Keri & Alexis
9 mins 49 secs - 305.3MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Alexis is a new employee in Keri's office and she is not working out too well. She seems to spend half her day running to the bathroom instead of getting her work done, and Keri has chastised her about all the wasted time and poor work performance. So, the next time Alexis says she has to go to the bathroom, Keri tells her she can't go until she has completed the task she is working on. Alexis says she is desperate and can't wait, but Keri insists. When Alexis keeps asking, Keri plugs in some ear buds so that she can concentrate on her work. Alexis tries to work but she is bursting to pee. She crosses and recrosses her legs, rocking in her chair and struggling like med to hold it, but she just can't wait. She gets up and tries to leave the office but Keri makes her sit down again. Really dying to pee, Alexis can't sit there much longer. Finally, she makes another bid for the bathroom, not even pausing to see if Keri is going to object. Alexis drops onto the toilet and has a powerful, relieving piss, closing her eyes as the pressure on her bladder eases. It had been  close. When she gets back to the office, alas, she learns that he disobedience has cost her her job.