Jamie's Gotta Wait! (WMV)

Jamie's Gotta Wait! (WMV)
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Jamie Daniels
20 minutes 26 seconds
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In her first solo visit, Jamie turns up needing to pee, as all good models are supposed to do, even though she was delayed en-route! We're not going to do anything with her other than make her stand there in front of a camera (or two) holding her pee. She frequently crosses her legs as she struggles to wait, talking to distract herself. Naturally, she is encouraged to talk about situations where she badly needed to pee; sheer torture of course. When Jamie loses control, one camera catches her full body and the other just her legs up to the hem of her skirt. The pee on her calves shows up well on flesh-coloured tights. Jamine is not a woman with a huge bladder capacity so there is no massive flood, but it's always good to see those wet legs.