Desperate in Dappled Sunlight (WMV)

Desperate in Dappled Sunlight (WMV)
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19 mins - 518.3 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Niki is outdoors and naked, sitting on a seat in dappled sunlight and  needing to pee. She talks to the viewer, telling him that she knows what he wants to see, but she plans to hold it for as long as she can. She sits with legs crossed, wiggling, feeling her own breasts from time to time. As the urgency grows, Niki stands and pee dances, crossing her legs and moaning with the strain of holding on and holding on. Now she's becoming seriously desperate and has to struggle harder to delay the inevitable. She continues talking to the viewer, telling him he's not going to get his kicks just yet, that she plans to go on waiting. It's a hollow promise though because she really can't wait much longer. Feeling the dam break, Niki parts her legs and pees herself, her stream of urine glistening in the late afternoon sunshine. She loks relieved as her bladder empties. Now maybe she can stay and catch a few more rays before driving home.