Stuck Zipper 5 (WMV)

Stuck Zipper 5 (WMV)
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6 mins - 94.8 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Jayne is on her way back from a walk, bursting to pee, and in a big hurry. She's almost home and relief in the bathroom seems
only moments away, but then her companion who has a surprise for her and wants her to cover her eyes with her hands. Jayne asks
if she can have her surprise after she has been to the bathroom, but she is told no, so she does as requested. Quickly, her
companion squirts super glue (crazy glue) onto the waist button of her jeans. When she touches the button, her finger sticks to
it and she can no longer pull down her pants. Frantic to empty her bladder, she has no choice but to stand there and wet her jeans.