Both Trying To Hold On (WMV)

Both Trying To Hold On (WMV)
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Candle & Autumn
19 mins - 451.4 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Candle and Autumn are both longing to pee; their bladders are full and they cannot sit still. They have been instructed to wait at least 20 minutes, but they look doubtful about lasting that long. They stand and wiggle as they try not to wet their panties, but the desire to go feels very urgent. Their situation is made worse by the presence of a water fountain running in the background, the sound of trickling water thoroughly torturous. Candle is reaching the point where she knows she is about to lose control and squeezes her thighs together as tightly as she can, trying to cut off any leaking. It works for a short time but she really is about to burst and can't wait. She starts to wet herself and looks so relieved as pee streams down her legs and leaves visible streaks all over her panty hose. She stands with one knee turned inwards, and this make pee jet sideways from her calf in a powerful arc. She pees for a long time, moaning with relief as poor Autumn stands beside her struggling not to lose control, incredibly difficult when her opponent is audibly relieving herself just a few feet away. Autumn struggles frantically and manages to last a few more minutes, but even she cannot reach the 20-minute mark and loses control of her bladder still several minutes short of the target. Her pantyhose are covered in pee streaks too as she empties out, now sounding equally relieved as the pressure on her bladder subsides.