Dee & Jamie's Holding Contest (WMV)

Dee & Jamie's Holding Contest (WMV)
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Dee & Jamie
21 mins - 501.4 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

After much intake of liquid before and during their solo performances, the girls stopped for a short break but were soon fidgeting because the need to pee had quickly returned. They badly wanted to start filming the next movie and hurried wriggled into dresses. Right from the start, therefore, they are desperate to pee, so this holding contest was never destined to be a lot one. As they compete against one another, each trying to out-wait her companion, the leg motion and moans prompted by the urgency of their desire for relief, made them do some serious pee dancing. Before long, things become serious and the struggle to wait is intense. When the girls to have to wet themselves, there is quite a lake of urine on the floor. They peel off their dresses with their backs to the camera, covering their breasts as they get ready to head for the bathroom.