Bursting at the Seams (WMV)

Bursting at the Seams (WMV)
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14 mins - 157.0 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Tabitha's desperate drive for the shoot nearly involved an accidental wetting for her. She managed to find somewhere to pee just in time, but mindful of the need to turn up at B2B with a full bladder, she immediately began drinking again. The rain continued and the traffic moved slowly, so by the time she finally made it she was once again in a desperate state. We chat to Tabitha for a minute shortly after her arrival, where she describes how much she needs to pee. We then move her out into the woods and handcuff her to a tree where she has to stand and try not to wet her brand new, tight jeans. She chats to the viewer as she struggles to hold on, but all her dancing makes it clear that her need is pretty urgent. Sadly, no one was prepared to let her go in time.