Traffic Jam (WMV)

Traffic Jam (WMV)
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13 mins 27 secs - 149.7 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Amber is out with her boyfriend and she badly needs to pee. They are driving along an Interstate highway and he cannot simply pull over. He tells her he will stop at the next services area they come to. Amber sits and wiggles her legs and she holds it, her bladder throbbing as it sends signals to her brain to release! The line for the ladies at the services is long (off camera) and Amber is too desperate to stand and wait, so she returns to the car in an anxious state and urges her boyfriend to find somewhere else quickly. Then disaster really strikes - they are no sooner back on the road when they run into a traffic jam. Amber can't wait any longer, and with traffic crawling alongside the car, there is absolutely nowhere for her to go! She starts to wet herself, the pee coming through her panties and onto the car seat. Distressed, Amber tries to cut off the flow but he bladder is too full and she can't wait any longer.