She Pissed Herself Twice (WMV 1920x1080 HD)

She Pissed Herself Twice (WMV 1920x1080 HD)
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Time: 10 minutes 49 seconds - 419.4 MB - HD (1920x1080 pixels)

Candle has been to collect her car from a repair shop and has run a few errands before driving home. The repair shop has no public facilities so Candle has not been able to pee for hours. She is getting desperate to go as she drives and looks around for a gas station or convenience stop where she could stop and use the restroom. She doesn't find any and her drive is still another half hour; she begins to wonder if she can make it home in time before she pees herself. Distracted by her desperation, Candle takes the wrong exit and gets lost. She is driving along a residential street with no discrete place to stop and she simply can't wait any longer - she starts to wet her jeans as she drives. She lifts her bottom off the seat to try to stop it getting so wet, but it is a futile gesture. Pee streams onto the seat beneath her, soaking into the fabric and soaking into her jeans. Now she has to drive home like this, with a dark patch spreading around her crotch. At last, Candle reaches home and climbs out of the car, pausing to inspect her wet jeans. She is still dying to pee, so instead of traipsing her wet feet through the house to reach the bathroom, she decides to wet her jeans for a second time. Loads of pee streams down her legs, turning her jeans from light blue to dark blue as she soaks them. Finally feeling relieved, she closes the car door and heads for the house, waddling awkwardly in her tight, wet jeans.