Remedial Measures (WMV)

Remedial Measures (WMV)
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Tilly & Paisley
17 minutes 49 seconds
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Tilly is Paisley's boss and she feels that the girl has been performing below par in her job recently, and that she must now take remedial action before Paisley's attitude spreads to other employees. She asks Paisley to meet her in the staff room where she asks the girl what the problem is. Paisley, who seems a little tense, says there is nothing wrong. "In that case", Tilly explains, "I'm going to have to let you go." Paisley pleads to keep her job and asks if there is anything she can do to make things right. When she tries to hurry Tilly alone, admitting that she needs to pee rather badly, Tilly decides that if the girl really wants to keep her job, she will succumb to a test of her commitment to the company. This test takes the form of making Paisley stand there with a full bladder and hold her pee. Paisley wants to know why her boss would do such a thing to her, but as far as Tilly is concerned it's that or leave. Paisley agrees to wait and stands there squirming in desperation for as long as she can. At last she can't take any more and walks towards the staff room door, saying she is going to use the bathroom. Tilly tells her that if she goes through that door it's over. Paisley obedients comes back but she can't wait any longer and wets herself in front of her boss. (Shot is from the back with Tilly inthe background so that one may see the pee running down Paisley's legs).