Airport Run 2017 edit (WMV & MOV)

Airport Run 2017 edit (WMV & MOV)
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30 minutes 18 seconds
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This 2009 video has been re-imported from the original tapes, re-edited and exported at 1280x960 pixels and a bitrate of 6 Mbps. The result is a vastly improved picture (plus a lot bigger since the original was only 640x480 pixels), and a clearer soundtrack. We did actually drive to an airport with a very desperate Rachael and she peed her panties right in front of the main terminal. More authentic is simply could not be. We were also fortunate that day to have a friend of hers along who made a superb cab driver.

Original description: Rachael is off on vacation to Jamaica, but wouldn't you know it - the car service she has hired to run her to the airport has run into a little problem at the office and her driving is running late. Rachael, in a bit of a hurry herself, neglects to use the bathroom before going out to wait for her transport, and on the journey she starts to pay for this oversight. As her desperation to pee becomes more difficult to conceal, she finally asks the driver to stop somewhere, only to be informed that stopping would result in Rachael missing her flight. The driver keeps going and Rachael struggles to hold it, but it is clear that she is really in trouble. The driver grows concerned too and asks her not to make a mess in his car. When they finally reach the terminal, Rachael's bladder is so full that she is afraid to move. The bathrooms, now so close, take her to the brink of wetting herself, and then beyond. After she drenches the seat and her short denim skirt in pee, Rachael begins to cry in frustration at missing her flight, and the awful humiliation of what she has done.