Kendra James Set 1 (WMV & MP4) - 3-movie set

Kendra James Set 1 (WMV & MP4) - 3-movie set
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Kendra James
75 minutes - 1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps bitrate - WMV & MP4

Meet Kendra (27 minutes 32 seconds)
For Kendra's first appearance, it seems appropriate to follow the old B2B tradition of having her parade in different outfits, changing from one into the next while really desperate to pee. Kendra struggles to put on skirts and dresses, and pull on stockings, because every time she bends it compresses her already full bladder. She gasps and wiggles and she continues to hold it, aware that she will soon wet herself if she doesn't do something about her situation soon. Several times she mentions the bathroom down the hallway that she would dearly like to use, but acknowledges that she is not allowed. Each time she stalls and becomes too preoccupied with her desperation, Dave talks her into changing outfits again. It even involves changing panties, and the very act of pulling a pair of these down her thighs is sheer torture. Kendra is clearly growing more and more agitated and can't stop talking about how badly she needs to pee and she wiggles her legs in an effort to wait. Finally, between dresses, she loses control and starts to pee through her panties. It's a torrent and there is no stopping it. In fact, she pees for at least ninety seconds, emptying what was clearly an extremely full bladder. Her demeanour changes and she relaxes and smiles; it's such a huge relief.

Kendra's Elevator Dilemma (24 minutes 56 seconds)
Another revived theme is the "girl trapped in a broken down elevator while needing to pee" situation. Kendra runs in just before the doors close, hurrying back from lunch where she recklessly had two coffees, setting her up for her ordeal. In reality, Kendra had three mugs of tea with some additional water about an hour before we filmed this, so her bladder was certainly being stimulated by plenty of caffeine. As she stands in the corner of the stalled elevator trying to chat normally and not betray her mounting anxiety, she plays the role rather realistically. As her need to pee becomes more acute, however, the leg movements and skirt hem grabbing become more pronounced. About half was through, she badly needed to pee, and from time to time one can catch the strain in her voice where she is tightening her muscles to hold back the flood. Eventually, because of her physical distress, Kendra is forced to admit that she needs the bathroom, and asks her companion to turn around and not look at her, explaining that she feels embarrassed to struggle like this with him watching. He complies for a few minutes, until he gets bored, then turns back to watch Kendra pee dances in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable. The end is not long in coming.

Measuring Kendra (23 minutes 09 seconds)
After Kendra's very protrected stream in "Meet Kendra", it seemed prudent to find out how much pee her bladder can hold. As we worked on other projects, Kendra kept chugging away at drinks and letting her bladder fill. Finally, she removes her clothes and we start filming, the ominous graduated cylinder at the edge of the picture, just wait for her attentions. Like most women, Kendra finds it harder to wait when she is unclothed, and that natural barrier inhibiting release is not present. She really squirms around in an effort to delay peeing as long as possible, and it does require some persuasion each time she is on the verge of giving in and reaching for the cylinder. Several times she is made to wait a little longer, and her frustration is clear. She's bursting and she just wants to let it all out. She does her best, but in the end she grabs the cylinder, pushes between her thighs and starts to pee. She looks up during this process and says, "It's like the biggest relief ever." Where does she land on the pee scale? Not telling you!