Misty's Desperate Interview (WMV & MP4) - Misty Lovelace

Misty's Desperate Interview (WMV & MP4) - Misty Lovelace
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Misty Lovelace
19 minutes 20 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps bitrate - WMV: 749.3 MB; MP4: 743.6 MB

Misty starts of an interview by being late, which does not best please her inmterviewer. Misty apologises, and although she needs to pee pretty badly, she decides that asking the bathroom should not be the first thing she does. It's just as well, because the interview progresses, the guy makes it clear that he was very dissatisfied with previous employees who were forever running off to the bathroom and spending ages in there. Crossing her legs tightly, Misty promises she would not do that if she got the job. The interview drags on and Misty looks steadily more uncomfortable coping with her desperation. Finally, the guy tells her he is going to have her back for a second interview the following week. Still desperate to pee, Misty hurries home to the bathroom, only to encounter the interviewer's brother waiting for her. He says he will put in a good word for her if she will stand in front of the toilet and wait for a bit longer. Bursting now, Misty feels she has no choice but comply.