Wettest Link (WMV)

Wettest Link (WMV)
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Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance, Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee

111 mins - 1,785.8 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Eight models battle it out answering multiple-choice questions to win a cash prize, with the penalty of being asked to drink an 8-ounce bottle of water each time they answer a question incorrectly. The girls all needed to pee to some extent before starting, and while all were given the choice to use the bathroom if they were in a desperate state, they all declined. Kylee was asked to introduce the show and then the contestants. Tipping our hats to a TV show of very similar name, she makes a point of insulting each of the models. This part was scripted to get things going, but once they got the idea, the playful insults flew back and forth with surprising regularity. Indeed, the entire show is marked by a tremendous amount of humour. The girls have a wonderful time despite experiencing full bladder discomfort.

The entire game is like a real quiz show with the added component of having a lot of women all desperate to pee as they try to concentrate on the questions being posed, and choose the correct answers. Inevitably, there are a number of wrong answers which results in a lot of water being consumed (some 30 pints altogether) and a lot of squirming and fidgeting. Most of the girls are vocal about the state of their filling bladders, and standing still as they drink the next bottle becomes more and more of a challenge as the game unfolds. The ways in which the models cope with their mounting discomfort are many and varied, with some happy to overtly show how badly they need to pee, while others present a cool fascade as if nothing is wrong.

The show was expected to run for about an hour, but we failed to factor in the competitiveness of some of the participants. We also didn't consider that some of the girls would get a lot of the answers right and not have to drink so much, while others would fail more often and have to drink a lot. This results in a range of desperate states, which makes for a consistently entertaining show of course. We reveal that we did not end up with a clear winner, but with three contestants who were still holding on when we finally ran out of questions. To conclude the movie, we get to watch these three empty out as they use the toilet, standing in line as they wait their turn to go. For these survivors, this was the most difficult few minutes of the entire game.