Put Through Her Paces Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells & Lily Anna

Put Through Her Paces Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells & Lily Anna
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Amber Wells & Lily Anna - Put Through Her Paces Remastered
41 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,910.4 MB

Originally 31m 41s, this was Amber's very first Bound2Burst video. The version released in 2010 was edited to maintain the flow of action, but there were almost an extra 10 minutes which demonstrate how difficult Amber found it to pee in front of a camera, and to some extent in front of Lily (who can also have trouble with this herself). Amber valiantly tried to put on a show, but she frequently had to just stop and chat to Lily, often in whispers, as she tried to unlock her muscles to pee. When this occurs, one has to make the decision to either maintain the premise of the video or to just come clean and show what really happened. In this version, you witness it all.

Original description: Amber's official audition. Instead of the usual routine, Lily was the one to put her through her paces, drinking water as she tried on one outfit after another and getting steadily more and more desperate. Lily talks about Amber being her referral, and this is actually true, so Lily was genuinely a little anxious that Amber should be able to perform. She demonstrated her abilities as a strict task mistress as Amber's squirming got worse and worse, making the poor girl hold it until the boss arrived to begin filming a scenario with her. Amber is frantically pee dancing by the time Dave arrives, but then, to her alarm, he announces that he has a few things to do before he starts filming her for a scenario. Amber is distraught, but once again Lily steps in and tells her not to be so weak, insisting that she keep holding it. While absolutely bursting at this stage, Amber actually had to stop pee dancing to trigger the release, but once she did, it was one hell of a flood.