Only One Can Go Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells & Lily Anna

Only One Can Go Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells & Lily Anna
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Amber Wells & Lily Anna - Only One Can Go Remastered
13 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 637.3 MB

Originally 14m 5s, this one is slightly shorter than the original, benefitting from some tighter editing. Filmed entirely outdoors, the lighting was good and the video stands up well to enlargement. It's also a movie from Amber's first shoot where she was able to pee without a delay, having broken through that barrier earlier in the day. It looks great because she really soaked the back of the jeans.

Original description: Lily and Amber are on their way to a garden centre and have lost their way. They both urgently need to pee but they can't find any convenience stores or gas stations. Finally, unable to hold it much longer, Lily asks Amber to pull onto a quiet road so that they can go into the woods to relieve themselves. Amber says no way, that she couldn't possibly pee in the woods, and insists that Lily continues holding on. Lily says she really can't wait and finally talks Amber into turning onto a quiet road. Wiggling their legs to suppress the urge to pee, they find a track and turn down there. Lily hops out and minces her way into the trees in her high-heeled boots; Amber reluctantly follows. Once away from the road, Lily quickly tugs down her jeans and starts to pee. Amber is appalled but is bursting by now, and as Lily finishes going, Amber starts to wet her jeans. It looks like that trip to the garden centre will have to be postponed.