Best Of Amber & Lily: Volume 1 (MP4)

Best Of Amber & Lily: Volume 1 (MP4)
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Best Of Amber & Lily: Volume 1
Total Time: 91 minutes 45 seconds

Introduction: Remastering older videos from scratch to make them bigger and better than they were before provides the perfect opportunity to reveal more about what often happens with desperation videos. This set is focused primarily on Amber peeing and Lily playing her foil (another volume later will focus on Lily's desperation performances), and some of them reveal how difficult Amber found it to release her pee even when she was seriously desperation to go. To quote her, "I can only do this if I get myself to the point where I'm bursting."  As with all remasters these days, the 640x480-pixel videos are re-edited for the original tapes, sharpened, colorized and generally enhanced to make them suitable for release at the same size as 1920x1080-pixel HD movies, with black bars down the sides to preserve the picture's 4x3 aspect ratio.

1. Put Through Her Paces Remastered
41 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,910.4 MB
Originally 31m 41s, this was Amber's very first Bound2Burst video. The version released in 2010 was edited to maintain the flow of action, but there were almost an extra 10 minutes which demonstrate how difficult Amber found it to pee in front of a camera, and to some extent in front of Lily (who can also have trouble with this herself). Amber valiantly tried to put on a show, but she frequently had to just stop and chat to Lily, often in whispers, as she tried to unlock her muscles to pee. When this occurs, one has to make the decision to either maintain the premise of the video or to just come clean and show what really happened. In this version, you witness it all.

Original description: Amber's official audition. Instead of the usual routine, Lily was the one to put her through her paces, drinking water as she tried on one outfit after another and getting steadily more and more desperate. Lily talks about Amber being her referral, and this is actually true, so Lily was genuinely a little anxious that Amber should be able to perform. She demonstrated her abilities as a strict task mistress as Amber's squirming got worse and worse, making the poor girl hold it until the boss arrived to begin filming a scenario with her. Amber is frantically pee dancing by the time Dave arrives, but then, to her alarm, he announces that he has a few things to do before he starts filming her for a scenario. Amber is distraught, but once again Lily steps in and tells her not to be so weak, insisting that she keep holding it. While absolutely bursting at this stage, Amber actually had to stop pee dancing to trigger the release, but once she did, it was one hell of a flood.

2. The Architect's Apprentice Remastered
29 minutes 40 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,375.1 MB
Originally 25m 52s, this is another video where Amber had some difficulty at the moment of payoff. She did manage to deal with it fairly quickly, but the interesting thing to watch here is Lily's skill in covering for her by keeping the story going. None of what happens was scripted (it was provided to the girls as just a premise), and Lily manages to turn in a highly credible performance as a somewhat irascible architect who has taken on this inept novice, with all the dialogue her own. In truth, her acting and ad-lib skills were impressive, and perhaps under-appreciated at the time.

Original description: Lily plays the role of a well-known architect who is impatiently waiting for her apprentice to arrive. Lily's firm has been hired because she is the best, and the man contracting her has just won a lot of money and wants his home re-designed and expanded. The new intern, Amber, is a bit clueless and often late, so when she does arrive, Lily tears her off a strip, and scolds her for not bringing a proper surveyor's tape measure. The meek Amber, who has been caught up in traffic, really needs to pee but she is intimidated by Lily, not least because her boss is currently annoyed with her, so she refrains from mentioning her situation. Lily puts Amber to work, but the girl keeps making mistakes because she is so badly distracted by her full bladder. As they move from room to room with Lily assessing the structure and suggesting changes, Amber is doing her best not to wet herself. Amber's face runs the gauntlet of expressions from professionalism when facing her boss to distress and panic when her boss is not looking. Things get worse when Lily asks Amber to inspect the loft, forcing the girl to stand on a ladder where wiggling her legs is far from easy. As she descends the ladder, Amber finally has to admit to her desperate condition, but instead of offering sympathy, Lily reprimands her again, pointing that the bathroom is out of commission and telling Amber she will simply have to hold it. Amber manes to keep herself under control until Lily leads her down into the cold basement of the house. The chilly air and the steadily-increasing pressure on Amber's poor bladder finally overwhelms her self-control and she has an accident while Lily is reviewing the property owner's notes. She sends Amber away, telling her to go home and change and meet back at the office.

3. Only One Can Go Remastered
13 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 637.3 MB
Originally 14m 5s, this one is slightly shorter than the original, benefitting from some tighter editing. Filmed entirely outdoors, the lighting was good and the video stands up well to enlargement. It's also a movie from Amber's first shoot where she was able to pee without a delay, having broken through that barrier earlier in the day. It looks great because she really soaked the back of the jeans.

Original description: Lily and Amber are on their way to a garden centre and have lost their way. They both urgently need to pee but they can't find any convenience stores or gas stations. Finally, unable to hold it much longer, Lily asks Amber to pull onto a quiet road so that they can go into the woods to relieve themselves. Amber says no way, that she couldn't possibly pee in the woods, and insists that Lily continues holding on. Lily says she really can't wait and finally talks Amber into turning onto a quiet road. Wiggling their legs to suppress the urge to pee, they find a track and turn down there. Lily hops out and minces her way into the trees in her high-heeled boots; Amber reluctantly follows. Once away from the road, Lily quickly tugs down her jeans and starts to pee. Amber is appalled but is bursting by now, and as Lily finishes going, Amber starts to wet her jeans. It looks like that trip to the garden centre will have to be postponed.

4. We Both Have To Go Remastered
7 minutes 22 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 341.6 MB
Originally 6m 58s, this new version includes an extra scene which is an outtake where Amber sits on the toilet for the first time and can't release. She looks annoyed with herself and a little sheepish as she says, "Sorry." The successful version follows immediately afterwards, where she pees for a long time, making it clear that she really did need to go.

Original description: Lily and Amber arrive home after having a good time out, both desperate to use the bathroom. They run and push one another to see who will get there first. To their dismay, the bathroom is already occupied by their housemate, and their second bathroom is out of commission, so the girls have no choice but to stand there and hold it. They squirm, bend their knees, cross their legs, doing everything they can to avoid wetting themselves. At last, the housemate emerges from the bathroom, but Lily and Amber almost get stuck in the narrow doorway as they both try to get in there at the same time. Lily wins and poor Amber has to stand in the doorway while her friend empties her full bladder, trying not to lose control of her own. (Amber needed to pee badly, but when she sat on the toilet, it took her about fifteen seconds to release the flow. Once it starts, it goes on for a long time. While she is peeing, Lily joins her and teases her about having stage fright. The girls had fun with this simple scenario. It was also the last movie of the day and they had been doing a lot of holding, so they certainly needed to empty out their full bladders).