The Author's Assistant (MP4) - Becca

The Author's Assistant (MP4) - Becca
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Becca - The Author's Assistant

19 minutes 17 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 891.1 MB

You may recall the author who likes to do thorough research for his books. His old assistant, Keri, arrived at work desperate to pee, only to have her boss explain that he needed her to hold it for a while to see how she would manage when restrained. Finally, Keri quit. Now, three years on, the same author is in the middle of a new novel about a female private investigator. He has reached am impasse with his female protagonist stuck in a car watching a suspect's house while needing to pee. There is no cup in the car to pee into, and nowhere on the street where she can discretely squat down to relieve herself. So what does she do? At this opportune moment, Becca arrives late for work and she actually needs to pee, badly. Rather than let her go to the bathroom, the author asks her if she would help him resolve the problem with his chapter by letting him watch what she does to hold her pee. Disconcerted by this request, Becca reluctantly agrees to participate. Her desperation soon reaches a critical level and the author still wants her to stay. Finally, Becca presents him with a solution; the protagonist should end up wetting her pants. Spectacularly!