Dixie & Carissa Naked Wait (MP4) - Dixie Comet & Carissa Montgomery

Dixie & Carissa Naked Wait (MP4) - Dixie Comet & Carissa Montgomery
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Dixie & Carissa Naked Wait
18 minutes 36 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 862.6 MB

The challenge for the girls when holding a full bladder when naked is how to avoid peeing. With no barrier such as panties or jeans, waiting is really difficult. Dixie and Carissa do whatever they can to take their minds off releasing, squirming, leg crossing and distracting themselves with anything that comes to mind. It works for a while but the strain soon starts to show. It's a sure bet that when one starts the go the other will not be far behind, because the sound of pee hitting the floor is a very compelling noise when on the verge of letting go. The girls relieve themselves almost in concert and end up standing in each other's pee. They really don't seem to mind; having an empty bladder is all that matters.