The Recruitment Scout Remastered (MP4) - Lola Lynn

The Recruitment Scout Remastered (MP4) - Lola Lynn
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Lola Lynn - The Recruitment Scout Remastered
28 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (scaled from 640x480 pixels) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,307.1 MB

The original story was 12 minutes long and the behind the scenes sequence was 24 minutes. This version, which combines the two, is around 8 minutes shorter purely because the poorly-lit sequence focused on Lola's wiggling legs has been removed. Some minutes of leg wiggling are included from the second camera which did a far better job. This was Lola's second movie from her first shoot. Having struggled to pee in "The Talkative Neighbour", she decided to load herself up with a lot of liquid before filming this, resulting in some very acute desperation and serious trouble holding on for long enough.

Original description: Lola is the Deputy CEO of a company, and a rival company is interested in hiring her as CEO, a promotion. She has a lunch appointment with the rival company's recruitment scout, but she arrives late and flustered owing to problems in the office all morning. She has been so busy "putting out fires" that she has not even had time to make a trip to the bathroom. The cout seems a little annoyed, so Lola puts off a visit to the bathroom yet again. She sits down and begins responding to questions while ordering from the menu, but it is not long before she finds herself struggling with a very full bladder and unable to sit still. She does her best to maintain control of herself in front of her examiner, but her composure soon starts to slip as her desperation threatens to overwhelm her. In a matter of minutes, she can no longer concentrate and her answers become a little incoherent. Witnessing her distracted behaviour, the recruitment scout seriously begins to question if she is the right woman for the job after all. In serious trouble now, Lola siezes the opportunity to inquire about the location of the bathrooms when the waiter returns to check that everything is satisfactory with the meal. Unfortunately, she has left it a little too late, and as she starts up, her muscles totally give way