Lola Remastered Set (MP4) - 88 minutes

Lola Remastered Set (MP4) - 88 minutes
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1. The Recruitment Scout Remastered
28 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (scaled from 640x480 pixels) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,307.1 MB

The original story was 12 minutes long and the behind the scenes sequence was 24 minutes. This version, which combines the two, is around 8 minutes shorter purely because the poorly-lit sequence focused on Lola's wiggling legs has been removed. Some minutes of leg wiggling are included from the second camera which did a far better job. This was Lola's second movie from her first shoot. Having struggled to pee in "The Talkative Neighbour", she decided to load herself up with a lot of liquid before filming this, resulting in some very acute desperation and serious trouble holding on for long enough.

Original description: Lola is the Deputy CEO of a company, and a rival company is interested in hiring her as CEO, a promotion. She has a lunch appointment with the rival company's recruitment scout, but she arrives late and flustered owing to problems in the office all morning. She has been so busy "putting out fires" that she has not even had time to make a trip to the bathroom. The cout seems a little annoyed, so Lola puts off a visit to the bathroom yet again. She sits down and begins responding to questions while ordering from the menu, but it is not long before she finds herself struggling with a very full bladder and unable to sit still. She does her best to maintain control of herself in front of her examiner, but her composure soon starts to slip as her desperation threatens to overwhelm her. In a matter of minutes, she can no longer concentrate and her answers become a little incoherent. Witnessing her distracted behaviour, the recruitment scout seriously begins to question if she is the right woman for the job after all. In serious trouble now, Lola siezes the opportunity to inquire about the location of the bathrooms when the waiter returns to check that everything is satisfactory with the meal. Unfortunately, she has left it a little too late, and as she starts up, her muscles totally give way

2. Errand With A Full Bladder Remastered
17 minutes 23 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (scaled from 640x480 pixels) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 806.3 MB

Originally 21 minutes in length, this version has been edited down to remove some of the over-long driving sequences. Errand also suffers from the use of a camera which was having problems with over exposure, and while this has been corrected to a large extent here, the results is not perfect. What really makes it worth it is Lola's wicked desperation near the end, and the fact she peed all over the bathroom floor because she just could not make it to the toilet.

Original description: Lola is given an urgent errand to run for her boss, so urgent that she doesn't even have time to visit the bathroom before she leaves. In consequence, she ends up bursting to pee while driving, the speed increasing in tandem with her desperation. She tries calling into a gas station en-route to use their facilities, but she is told (off-camera) that these are only for the use of customers who buy fuel. Unable to wait around, Lola resumes her journey. At the business premises where she needs to deliver a file, she finds the door locked. No one is there! She frantically drives back to her boss's place, on the verge of wetting her skirt and panties. (This movie contains 5 minutes of behind the scenes material where Lola is seen performing a panic-filled pee-dance as we set up the scene where her boss answers the door and then questions her while she holds herself. When she loses control on her way to the bathroom it is clear from the huge cascade that her bladder must have been close to bursting).

3. The Talkative Neighbor Remastered
14 minutes 29 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (scaled from 640x480 pixels) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 671.0 MB

Originally 11 minutes long, this version contains some behind the scenes footage which reveals how difficult Lola found it to pee in front of a camera (this was the first movie from her first shoot). Fortunately, she quickly got through this barrier and went on to produce a number of huge wetting accidents during her tenure at Bound2Burst.

Original description: Lola is arriving home from shopping, desperate to do something about a full bladder. Before she can run into the house to relieve herself, however, her chatty neighbour turns up and keeps her talking. She tries to hide her desperation, but little by little, she leaks into her jeans. The neighbour even drags her off along a path to show her a small herd of deer grazing on the edge of the forest. Lola wants nothing more than for him to just go and let her get to the bathroom, but having not said anything to start with, she now feels awkward about mentioning her predicament. She therefore tries to hold on, but the neighbour simply will not leave, with embarrassing results for Lola.

Bursting in the Boardroom Remastered - Lola Lynn (with Tabitha, Jayne, Rachael, Nyxon, Madison, Jynx, Danielle & Beverly)
27 minutes 47 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (scaled from 640x480 pixels) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,292.6 MB

The original version was 22 minutes long. The additional time comes from the inclusion of almost all behind the scenes material, and serves to illustrate that, no matter how well a shoot may be planned, it is unlikely to turn out as expected, even with just one girl. This uncertainty was increased by an order of magnitude by having eight women present. It transpires in the add-on sequence, where the girls are all using the toilet, that every one of them needed to pee to a greater or lesser extent, and yet, in the boardroom sequence, only two of them managed to let loose. The others, for one reason or another, could not do it. This is particularly surprising in the case of Nyxon (who peed for a very long time on the toilet) and an old hand like Jayne, but the presence of so many others really changed the dynamic. The BTS material shows how the story is being adapted on the fly to accommodate the necessary plot changes. Here particularly, Beverly demonstrates why she was selected to be the company boss; her ability to ad-lib loads of dialogue is truly amazing, given that she started with just a few paragraphs and an outline prepared by me. The one thing she would never be able to do, however, is to pee in front of everyone else, which is why she did not stick around for the afternoon shoot.

Original description: Beverley is the CEO of a fashion magazine whose profits have been falling, and she summons her staff for a stern dressing down in the board room. Bev's rant goes on and on and some of the ladies around the table would really like a visit to the bathroom, but given the mood the boss is in at the moment it seems unwise to mention it. As her desperation grows, Lola finally asks for permission to leave for a visit to the bathroom. Beverley delivers a scathing speech about how they are all acting like children, telling them "there is no P in fashion." As Lola tries to hold it, Tabitha is also clearly in trouble. As section heads, they have to set an example and must try to maintain control. Both women fail miserably, and Beverley is so incensed by their conduct that she dismisses them both. Seeing that others in the room are fidgeting, she tells them to take a break and visit the bathroom to "empty your tiny bladders!" while she keeps Jayne and Rachael behind to discuss their promotion to section heads. (We witness Madison, Danielle, Nyxon, Jynx, Rachael and Jayne all using the toilet at the end.