When A Girl Has To Pee (MP4) - Becca

When A Girl Has To Pee (MP4) - Becca
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Becca - When A Girl Has To Pee
13 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 605.1 MB

Becca has been chained to a bed for hours wearing only her bra and panties. Her captor has left her alone for such a long time, during which period her bladder has filled to an alarming state. Her abdomen is bulging out, forced up by an overfilled bladder. Becca is literally on the point of bursting, but she doesn't want to wet the bed and have to lie in her own pee for who knows how long. Her only hope is if her captor returns very soon and allows her to use the bathroom. Just in the nick of time, he does come back. Becca begs to use the bathroom before she wets her panties. Her captor frees her and she stands up, but he has no intention of letting her use the bathroom. Instead, he makes her kneel down in front of him and pee her panties, reducing her to a state of embarrassment and total humiliation.