Becca Set 4 (MP4) - 1 hour 53 minutes

Becca Set 4 (MP4) - 1 hour 53 minutes
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Becca Set 4 - Total time: 113 minutes 38 seconds

1. The Longest Wait
89 minutes 58 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 4,050.0 MB

It started out as another volume measurement like The Last Possible Moment, but it soon became clear that, as a result of the donations she had received to encourage her to wait, Becca was determined to hold on as long as possible, hoping to beat the record she set in that previous video. This determination led to a much longer video than usual, with her starting off only needing to pee a little, so we get to watch her as she goes from uncomfortable to downright desperate. Becca drinks various liquids as the time passes, making sure her bladder gets really full. She occupies herself by changing from one outfit to another, five changes in all. She makes regular reference to the way her abdominal bulge is slowly growing as her desperation to pee increases. When her need has reached a point of urgency, she locks her ankle on the leather strap, thereby connecting herself to the wood stove and placing the bathroom, and indeed the waiting vase, well out of her reach. Becca has plenty to say about her condition, amused for the most part but determined to keep going even when the pressure gets to be highly uncomfortable. Towards the end, she grows a bit quiet and acknowledges that much of her attention is taken by trying to not pee herself. She comes very close to losing control several times and finally asks for the vase to pee into. Of course, she has to wrestle with her clothing before she can do that. (Sorry the picture is a little bit snowy; the video was recorded fairly late in the day as external light was fading, and the internal lights were not quite sufficient - it's not something one can see while filming).

2. When A Girl Has To Pee
13 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 605.1 MB

Becca has been chained to a bed for hours wearing only her bra and panties. Her captor has left her alone for such a long time, during which period her bladder has filled to an alarming state. Her abdomen is bulging out, forced up by an overfilled bladder. Becca is literally on the point of bursting, but she doesn't want to wet the bed and have to lie in her own pee for who knows how long. Her only hope is if her captor returns very soon and allows her to use the bathroom. Just in the nick of time, he does come back. Becca begs to use the bathroom before she wets her panties. Her captor frees her and she stands up, but he has no intention of letting her use the bathroom. Instead, he makes her kneel down in front of him and pee her panties, reducing her to a state of embarrassment and total humiliation.

3. Washing Dishes
10 minutes 35 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 489.3 MB

Those dishes need washing yet again and Becca needs to get them done. At the same time, she really needs to pee. She decides that the only way to give herself an incentive to sort out the kitchen is to hold her pee and then reward herself with a visit to the bathroom and some wonderful relief when the job is done. She turns on the tap and immediately the sound of running water makes the urge to pee even stronger. Nevertheless, she remains determined to finish this task before emptying her full bladder. She bends her legs and sticks her butt out as she struggles to control herself, a look of concentration on her features as that water keeps running and pouring over her hands. Before she has quite finished, Becca just can't hold it any longer and wets herself while standing at the sink. Pee runs down the backs of her legs and pools on the floor at her feet. Now she has yet another chore to perform, this one while still wearing her wet panties. (This video contains no dialogue).

4. Becca Photos
65 Photographs - Zip File Size: 188.5 MB

A set of 65 photographs taken of Becca in various outfits on the afternoon of filming "The Longest Wait".