Jasmine St James: Set 24 (MP4) - 101 minutes

Jasmine St James: Set 24 (MP4) - 101 minutes
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Jasmine St James: Set 24

Total time: 101 minutes 39 seconds

1. Jasmine's Record
39 minutes 37 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,838.3 MB
In the first of a set of three videos where Jasmine is chained to the wood stove to prevent her peeing when she wants to, Jasmine starts out needing to go because of the large quantities of liquids she has consumed. A volume measurement video like this would normally be consigned to later in the day for several reasons, but Jasmine reporting that she has increased her water intake every day and is constantly hydrated now, plus watching her stand up after a chat and suddenly cross her legs, It seemed a reasonable bet that she would be productive. When informed that the video will only be about twenty minutes long, Jasmine is concerned but thinks she can wait that long; she has no idea that the wait time will turn out to be nearly double this. It's fair to say that Jasmine reached a panicked state towards the end of this video, worrying that she was going to pee on there carpet if she didn't get the vase immediately. She still had to wait a bit longer, and this led to some frantic pleading. When she finally got hold of the vase, she moved very quickly, suggesting she was right on the brink. The result was a new record volume for Jasmine. She looked both surprised and rather excited to have surpassed her best prior performance.

2. A Total Drenching
23 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps -  MP4: 1,100.6 MB
Jasmine is once again secured to the wood stove, but this time wearing jeans. The idea, obviously, is to have her pee in them, and this way we get to make sure they will take a good drenching. Still processing liquids from earlier in the day, plus adding another liter via several more bottles, Jasmine is kept in place and unable to pee until her body language betrays some very serious desperation to release. We watch as the waves of pressure get closer and closer together, a mechanism reminiscent of the series of contractions before a woman gives birth, allowing us to judge when Jasmine is approaching that critical bursting point. We truly reached it because, when Jasmine bent down to unlock the cuff on her ankle, she started to wet her jeans. She hurried towards the kitchen, already peeing as she went (indeed, trying to encourage the cameraman to move faster), and sure enough, when the turned around, the wet area was already half way down her thighs. By the time she finished, there were not many areas of the jeans left dry.

3. This Can't Be Happening Again
26 minutes 52 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,240.5 MB
No one has ever been put in this position three times in one day, needing to pee but having no access to a toilet or even to an area where she can safely wet herself to get relief. Now wearing heels an a sequined skirt, but no hose, Jasmine once again squirms and holds herself as she tries not to release the contents of her full bladder. Going through this yet again is clearly exhausting and Jasmine is clearly getting tired, but however bad her situation, she is forced to wait until she is given a key to unlock herself so that she can get away from the carpeted area. That had been the original plan, that she would release herself, run into the dining area and then let the pee run down her legs. Along the way, however, Jasmine started talking about the vase, and we assumed she was signaling that she would like to measure the amount she released. As a result, she stayed locked in the ankle cuff and the vase was placed where she could see it but not reach it. Realizing her error, Jasmine started talking about how nice it would be to pee on the floor, but the message was not getting through. All she could do was continue to hold it until the vase was given to her. Her desperation is so clear as she fights to wait using weary muscles, and even when she is handed the vase, she struggles with her panties and manages to get pee in them, and on the back of the skirt. The volume she turned out was respectable but not as much as the first session, so we didn't bother measuring it. Indeed, she was far more concerned about dripping pee on the carpet and was anxious to be freed.

4. Bathroom Torture
11 minutes 19 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps -  MP4: 522.4 MB
It's the end of the day, and because she has been steadily taking in liquids all day, she really needs to pee before she leaves, otherwise, as she says herself, she would barely make it home. Rather than allow her to simply relieve herself, we enter the bathroom with a camera and film her while she holds her pee, for the fourth time in one day. Standing in front of the toilet, the most powerful trigger there is to make someone urinate, Jasmine pee dances, holds her crotch and endures more waves of pressure as her bladder contracts, trying to make her release. After about ten minutes, she can't take it any more and quickly pulls up her skirt and tugs her tights and panties down, looking immensely relieved as she finally gets to pee. When she finishes, still faces one more problem; the toilet paper dispenser is over by the sink, and she wonders how she can get to it to wipe herself without revealing all. We glimpse Jasmine's innate embarrassment that we used to see so often as she finds a solution.