Becca Set 5 (MP4) - 49 minutes

Becca Set 5 (MP4) - 49 minutes
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Becca Set 5

1. Bladder Unleashed
17 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 791.0 MB
Listed first, but is in fact the last video of the shoot. This is Becca's sixth time getting really desperate to pee and she has left it rather late to get started. She talks a little about what a great secretary she would make, referring to the way she is dressed, but she has something else uppermost on her mind. She soon has to stand up to ease the pressure on her bladder, but at this stage it only helps a little. She keeps saying that she talked too long and now she is paying for it. She has been told she absolutely must wait for fifteen minutes. After a while, she sits back down and jams her foot into her crotch to help her hold it, a technique some others have used before her. She unconsciously tugs at the hem of her skirt, wanting to pull it up, then catching herself. When she can't contain herself any longer, she turns her back so that we can watch all that pee streaming down her legs.

2. Helpless & Desperate
14 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 654.2 MB
It's early February in a cold basement. Becca is handcuffed to a pole and has a piece of rope tied loosely around her neck to prevent her bending forward too far. And of course, Becca needs to pee. The setting is one where she has been taken and restrained and left there alone for hours. It's a familiar arrangement. This time, however, you experience more of a POV type of movie. Becca talks directly to you via the camera, explaining her desperate situation, and how if someone doesn't come back soon she will be forced to piss her jeans. She doesn't want to given the prospect of being even colder when her legs are wet. Of course, if this situation were real, she would eventually have no choice. Becca's legs are free so she can squirm around as she continues to wait, holding that very full bladder for as long as she can. And then it happens. She soaks herself. The camera dwells on her from several different angles as she is compelled to just stand there with wet, cold legs.

3. Waiting With Becca
15 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 722.3 MB
There is no greater torture than really needing to pee and standing in the bathroom, unable to sit on the toilet and gain that much desired relief. Becca has agreed to wait as long as she can, short of wetting herself on the bathroom floor, and this entails a good deal of crotch holding and leg wiggling. She distracted expression reveals how much concentration she requires to not lose control. To potentially increase her torment, Becca is invited to sit on the toilet with the lid down. Just sitting there is a mixed blessing; it takes some of the strain off her bladder but also makes her want to go even more. She stands again, holding her crotch and wiggling her legs. She's really bursting and can't wait any longer. She slides her skirt and panties down her thighs, sits on the toilet, and visibly jolts when the pee starts coming out. So much relief.