Nikki Brooks: Set 4 (MP4) - 38 minutes

Nikki Brooks: Set 4 (MP4) - 38 minutes
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Nikki Brooks: Set 4

Total time: 38 minutes 04 seconds

1. Where Are You?
7 minutes 33 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 348.5 MB
Nikki has turned up for a desperation shoot needing to pee, only to find that Dave is not at home. She knocks on the door but receives no answer. She could just go and pee somewhere, but he might be annoyed about losing his first clip, so Nikki decides to hold it. She calls Dave to find out where he is, only to learn that he had to go out for supplies and won't be back for about twenty minutes. Nikki promises to wait, but she has been holding her pee for a while now and she is desperate to go. Finally, she sends a text warning that she is about to piss herself, and a minute later she does precisely that.

2. Doctor Brooks' Dilemma
16 minutes 09 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 748.7 MB
Nikki is a surgeon is facing a malpractice suit and now the hospital administrator wants to see her. She speaks to his assistant in the recreation room, and he asks her to stay put since the administrator will be on his way to a meeting in a few minutes and can only chat to her briefly. Nikki explains that she has just finished a long shift and that she hasn't had a chance to visit the bathroom yet, indicating that she will just be a minute. The assistant warns her not to be absent when the administrator arrives since the man is already in a foul mood. Realizing that the "chat" might go badly if she is missing at the critical moment, Nikki decides to postpone her visit to the ladies. This means, of course, that she has to hold on to a very full bladder. This might not have been a problem if the administrator had shown up quickly as promised, but as the minutes drag by, Nikki gets closer and closer to losing control. She feels it happen, the pee running down between her legs, soaking the back of her skirt, pouring onto the floor. The humiliation. Still, she dare not leave, just in case.

3. Nikki Brooks Naked Wait
14 minutes 22 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 665.9 MB
Nikki left this one really late. By engaging in conversation while the girls sit sipping drinks, they tend not to notice that they really need to pee, at least, not before they stand up. That's the moment when it really hits them and they need to get started right away. This was Nikki here, squirming like mad right from the start. She's told she needs to wait about half an hour, something that her protesting that she can't. She does her best, holding herself and dancing around, trying to maintain control. She is bursting though and it is clear she will never make it for the full half hour. Indeed, she barely even gets half way there before pee pours out of her onto the floor.