The Girl Next Door Remastered (MP4) - Emily

The Girl Next Door Remastered (MP4) - Emily
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Emily - The Girl Next Door Remastered
31 minutes 40 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 1,466.3 MB

Here we have the beautiful girl next door, a sexy young woman in a smart business suit, turning up on your front step and telling you that she has locked herself out of her house, that her cell phone battery is dead, and that she would like to come in and use your phone to call her husband. Oh, and by the way, could she also use your bathroom? Emily plays the role of Sarah, the desperate neighbour who has to hold it. Informed that the owner's son is taking a bath and that there is only one bathroom, Sarah calls her husband and asks him to come home at once, explaining that she is desperate and afraid she might wet herself in the neighbour's house. Unable to think what else to do, Sarah accepts the offer to wait with her neighbour for her husband to arrive, and even accepts a drink despite her urgent situation. As time passes, Sarah grows ever more frantic for relief, calling her husband again and again and growing steadily more agitated at his continuing delay in leaving the office. She even asks her neighbour to get his son out of the bathroom, but is seems the son is getting ready for a date and cannot be hurried. Her bladder close to bursting, Sarah paces up and down, folding her arms and performing littles dances to help her wait, but whatever she does is barely helping now, and she knows she won't last much longer.