The Interview Remastered (MP4) - Christina Adam

The Interview Remastered (MP4) - Christina Adam
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Christina Adam - The Interview Remastered

23 minutes 28 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,094.1 MB

I'm not sure how, but this video was filmed in 16x9 aspect ratio, which means there are no black bars on the sides of the picture. This movie contains about 70 edit points owing to the need to retake many scenes, mainly because of the complex story line - too many specific things for Christina and Brett to remember. We also spent a lot of time out driving looking for a location that might serve as the exterior of the office building where Brett's business was located, then filmed scenes with Christina going in and she and Brett emerging. This version is about 4 minutes longer than the original, made up almost entirely of outtakes and waiting for Christina to reach a state of desperation where she could pee on camera.

Original description: Sarah Kent is late for a job interview and arrives needing to pee. Her prospective boss is not happy about her late arrival, so she decides not to ask to use the bathroom until the interview is over. During the interview, Sarah is handed the phone and asked to cope with a difficult customer. She is left alone talking to the customer and dancing frantically to avoid a peeing accident. When the business owner returns, he is on his cell and making an appointment to meet another customer, and he urges Sarah out without giving her a chance to ask for the use of the bathroom. Back in her car, Sarah searches for a place to stop. She finds somewhere, but then feels it is too public and drives on. In the end she is forced to call at someone's house and ask to use their bathroom. She rushes and tries to pull her panties down in time, but doesn't quite make it. She has to spend time mopping up drops of pee from the floor before she can leave.