Alina's Dilemma Remastered (MP4) - Danielle

Alina's Dilemma Remastered (MP4) - Danielle
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Danielle (featuring Victor): Alina's Dilemma Remastered
12 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 595.8 MB

Preamble: My memories of filming this one are dominated by the number of retakes that were necessary because the dialogue was so hard to remember and pronounce. I also recall that Daniells called a stop half was through and said we had to film the end bit now because she was about to pee herself. She had originally thought she could last until the end and do it all in sequence, but the numerous retakes delayed things badly and she could not wait. We also went to another location entirely, about 8 miles away, to film the brief sequence where Danielle walks to her car the next day and gets grabbed and chloroformed by Victor. This was done prior to filming "Double Desperation", so yes, Danielle did need to pee even here. By the way, I have retrieved Double Desperation from Clips4Sale and it is now available again after years of being lost via accidental overwriting. All in all, I'm quite proud of this one because of the production values and the efforts of the actors to make it work.

Original description: Danielle plays the role of psychologist Dr. Alina Balcu. She is in session with a patient named Michael Kozlov who has recently lost his construction business and is depressed. During their sessions together, spanning several months, Michael has fallen in love with his therapist. Unfortunately for him, she wants to keep their relationship strictly professional, and she avoids telling him anything personal about herself. Michael grows agitated because she is always in control, and leaves before the end of the session. The following morning, Michael is waiting inside Alina's car with a rag soaked in a well-known subduing chemical that one is not allowed to mention on this site (imagine that!). Alina wakes to find herself lying on top of her desk with one wrist handcuffed to a desk leg. Because she has been unconscious for some time, Alina's bladder is very full. She tells Michael she needs to visit the toilet, but he refuses to release her and let her go until she opens up and shares some information about her private life with him. Michael secures Alina's legs with a belt, just below the knees, buckling her to the table to further restrict her movements. Alina is truly desperate to relieve the pressure on her swollen bladder, and to torment her further, Michael lifts her skirt and tells her to find out what it's like to no longer be in control all the time. Too desperate to hold out any longer, Alina wets herself in a spectacular stream, the moisture beading on her sheer stockings. Now that she has been forced to humiliate herself, Michael leaves her handcuffed to her desk for staff to find when they return to work.