The Mistress Remastered (MP4) - Beverly

The Mistress Remastered (MP4) - Beverly
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Beverly (featuring Madison) - The Mistress Remastered
17 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 796.5 MB

Preamble: As you may have guessed, the sequences with Beverly and Madison were filmed separately, about a week apart. The original release, at 12 minutes 08 seconds, was tightly edited with the time line of events in mind, but in this version the pace is more leisurely, allowing plenty of time to watch Beverly squirming in desperation. Bev never liked needing to pee badly, so it was quite hard to keep her waiting long enough. She also managed to pee into a plastic jug, a first for her I believe. Madison came across as crabby (which she so often was in real life), and it served this scenario well. This version ends where Madison and her husband are having a fight and she gets knocked to the floor. Re-edited scenes from The Mistress were used in the bondage video "Unexpected Homecoming" where, after the fight, Madison finds herself bound and gagged on the floor, with her husband planning to dispose of her permanently so that he can be with his mistress going forward.

Original description: Beverly and her lover have spent the night together at his house while his wife Madison is away on a business trip. Beverly is just about to get up and use the bathroom when the front door opens and Madison's voice calls out that she is home early. In a panic, Beverly hides in the wardrobe, dying to pee and unable to get to the bathroom. To make matters worse, she left her clothes in the bathroom after showering the previous evening. Madison enters the bedroom and tells her husband he will be late for work, then turns towards the bathroom. The husband jumps out of bed and says he need to use the bathroom first since he is already late. Madison reluctantly concedes. What follows are sequences where Madison is in the kitchen holding it and Beverly is in the wardrobe in her underwear holding it. The husband has to do some creative juggling to keep the women apart, and also prevent either one of them having a wetting accident. Ultimately, Madison does manage to get into the bathroom in time while the trapped Beverly is forced to empty her bladder into a jug in the bedroom. Beverly finally makes her escape, but not quite fast enough to avoid being seen by Madison as she emerges from the bathroom.