The Long Walk Home Remastered (MP4) - Christina

The Long Walk Home Remastered (MP4) - Christina
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Christina: The Long Walk Home Remastered
42 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 1,959.1 MB

Preamble: Seven minutes longer than the original, this version contains an extra three minutes in the main movie, followed by Christina's three attempts to create a message for the person who commissioned this custom. There are also a few asides from the day of the shoot to round things off. We did encounter a few issues throughout the day as we filmed. Actually being pregnant and not wearing a maternity shaper to simulate it, Christina did need to keep peeing throughout the shoot. She just couldn't hold it! She didn't want these sequences filmed, agreeing to only be filmed peeing herself in the bathroom at the movie's conclusion.

Original description: Christina, five months pregnant and in constant need of the bathroom, has been out shopping with her friend Stephanie. On the way back to Stephanie's house, however, the car breaks down and help will not reach them for about an hour. Holding a full bladder, Chris doesn't think she can wait that long and decides to walk the last mile to Stephanie's place and use the bathroom, while Stephanie stays with the car to await the breakdown truck. Chris, unwilling to relieve herself in the woods in case she steps on poison ivy or encounters a large such as a bear, walks along the roadside fighting the urge to let go. She loses her way, making the walk home even longer. When she eventually finds the house, she discovers the door is locked and she doesn't know where Stephanie's spare key is hidden. She tries to call her friend, but Stephanie is not answering her phone. At this inopportune moment, Chris' baby starts to kick, pounding against her bursting bladder. Can she wait until Stephanie calls her back? The movie concludes with Chris taking a shower).