Office Girl's Embarrassment Remastered (MP4) - Melanie

Office Girl's Embarrassment Remastered (MP4) - Melanie
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Melanie: Office Girl's Embarrassment Remastered
19 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 884.4 MB

Preamble: In contrast to Jynx, Melanie was not the least bit shy about anything, other than removing her clothes. She came originally just to do bondage work, but ended up giving pee desperation a try. She took to it with ease, and perhaps her shoots would have gone on longer than they did, but Melanie was a girl constantly moving from one project to the next and never stayed with anything for very long.

Original description: Melanie works in an office which is being robbed. One of the thieves has taken her to a storeroom and is keeping her locked in there while the robbery is in progress. He asks Melanie how many cameras are in the building, but her answer is not entirely lucid because she is seriously bursting to use the bathroom. At first, Melanie is tense and keeps moving around restlessly, but this soon builds to a frantic pee dance as she struggles not tow wet herself. The thief leaves her for a while, and she finds herself wishing he would come back so that she can negotiate with him for the use of the bathroom. When he does return, he is intractable and makes Melanie stand there wiggling and crossing her legs in humiliating desperation. The thief tells her they will be done in a few more minutes, but Melanie cannot wait that long. Pee explodes out of her, pouring down her legs and literally gushing into her shoe from which it jets back out onto the floor. Melanie's embarrassment is acute, but this turns to dismay when the thief leaves her locked in the store room. Eventually, she sits down in her wet skirt to wait for someone to find her, glancing uneasily at the big puddle on the floor that is the first thing her rescuer will see. (The peeing sequence is recorded from two angles).