Remasters: June 2019 (MP4)

Remasters: June 2019 (MP4)
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Remasters June 2019

Total time: 2 hours 22 minutes

1. Danielle (featuring Victor): Alina's Dilemma Remastered
12 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 595.8 MB
Preamble: My memories of filming this one are dominated by the number of retakes that were necessary because the dialogue was so hard to remember and pronounce. I also recall that Daniells called a stop half was through and said we had to film the end bit now because she was about to pee herself. She had originally thought she could last until the end and do it all in sequence, but the numerous retakes delayed things badly and she could not wait. We also went to another location entirely, about 8 miles away, to film the brief sequence where Danielle walks to her car the next day and gets grabbed and chloroformed by Victor. This was done prior to filming "Double Desperation", so yes, Danielle did need to pee even here. By the way, I have retrieved Double Desperation from Clips4Sale and it is now available again after years of being lost via accidental overwriting. All in all, I'm quite proud of this one because of the production values and the efforts of the actors to make it work.
Original description: Danielle plays the role of psychologist Dr. Alina Balcu. She is in session with a patient named Michael Kozlov who has recently lost his construction business and is depressed. During their sessions together, spanning several months, Michael has fallen in love with his therapist. Unfortunately for him, she wants to keep their relationship strictly professional, and she avoids telling him anything personal about herself. Michael grows agitated because she is always in control, and leaves before the end of the session. The following morning, Michael is waiting inside Alina's car with a rag soaked in a well-known subduing chemical that one is not allowed to mention on this site (imagine that!). Alina wakes to find herself lying on top of her desk with one wrist handcuffed to a desk leg. Because she has been unconscious for some time, Alina's bladder is very full. She tells Michael she needs to visit the toilet, but he refuses to release her and let her go until she opens up and shares some information about her private life with him. Michael secures Alina's legs with a belt, just below the knees, buckling her to the table to further restrict her movements. Alina is truly desperate to relieve the pressure on her swollen bladder, and to torment her further, Michael lifts her skirt and tells her to find out what it's like to no longer be in control all the time. Too desperate to hold out any longer, Alina wets herself in a spectacular stream, the moisture beading on her sheer stockings. Now that she has been forced to humiliate herself, Michael leaves her handcuffed to her desk for staff to find when they return to work.

2. Beverly (featuring Madison): The Mistress Remastered
17 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 796.5 MB
Preamble: As you may have guessed, the sequences with Beverly and Madison were filmed separately, about a week apart. The original release, at 12 minutes 08 seconds, was tightly edited with the time line of events in mind, but in this version the pace is more leisurely, allowing plenty of time to watch Beverly squirming in desperation. Bev never liked needing to pee badly, so it was quite hard to keep her waiting long enough. She also managed to pee into a plastic jug, a first for her I believe. Madison came across as crabby (which she so often was in real life), and it served this scenario well. This version ends where Madison and her husband are having a fight and she gets knocked to the floor. Re-edited scenes from The Mistress were used in the bondage video "Unexpected Homecoming" where, after the fight, Madison finds herself bound and gagged on the floor, with her husband planning to dispose of her permanently so that he can be with his mistress going forward.
Original description: Beverly and her lover have spent the night together at his house while his wife Madison is away on a business trip. Beverly is just about to get up and use the bathroom when the front door opens and Madison's voice calls out that she is home early. In a panic, Beverly hides in the wardrobe, dying to pee and unable to get to the bathroom. To make matters worse, she left her clothes in the bathroom after showering the previous evening. Madison enters the bedroom and tells her husband he will be late for work, then turns towards the bathroom. The husband jumps out of bed and says he need to use the bathroom first since he is already late. Madison reluctantly concedes. What follows are sequences where Madison is in the kitchen holding it and Beverly is in the wardrobe in her underwear holding it. The husband has to do some creative juggling to keep the women apart, and also prevent either one of them having a wetting accident. Ultimately, Madison does manage to get into the bathroom in time while the trapped Beverly is forced to empty her bladder into a jug in the bedroom. Beverly finally makes her escape, but not quite fast enough to avoid being seen by Madison as she emerges from the bathroom.

3. Ginger (featuring Victor): To Pee Or Not To Pee Remastered
30 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 16x9 - MP4: 1,434.5 MB
Preamble: This recording was made during Ginger's second shoot with us, just a few months after the birth of Bound2Burst videos. On her first shoot, Ginger made the remark that we lived in a very remote place and said she was surprised that any model would come out so far unaccompanied. Making a joke in poor taste, I said that we already had quite a few bodies buried in the woods, after which she didn't want to leave Victor's side. Humour and irony were lost on her. I found her reaction vaguely amusing too because Victor was a muscular guy who had been in the navy, and he could have knocked the crap out of me with zero effort, but that didn't seem to appease her. After this, the bodies joke was shelved for good.
Original description: Collecting Ginger and her boyfriend Victor from the bus station, she has done as requested and arrived with an uncomfortably-full bladder. She then faces a 30-minute drive, and in what is half-desperation, half play-acting, she makes a dash for the front door and dances around as she waits for someone to unlock it. Once inside, Ginger is directed to the kitchen and asked to hold on for a further hour for extra money. The question she asks herself is, of course, to pee or not to pee. She decides to hold it, and after we get her to change into jeans so that any leaking will be visible, she sets about waiting and watching the clock. The movie covers the highlights of this wait, and I'm happy to report that she started leaking five minutes before the deadline, and soaked herself with just a few minutes to go. There were a few nasty moments when I actually thought she might make it. Several minutes are devoted to filming Ginger's wet jeans at the end.

4. Christina: The Long Walk Home Remastered
42 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 1,959.1 MB
Preamble: Seven minutes longer than the original, this version contains an extra three minutes in the main movie, followed by Christina's three attempts to create a message for the person who commissioned this custom. There are also a few asides from the day of the shoot to round things off. We did encounter a few issues throughout the day as we filmed. Actually being pregnant and not wearing a maternity shaper to simulate it, Christina did need to keep peeing throughout the shoot. She just couldn't hold it! She didn't want these sequences filmed, agreeing to only be filmed peeing herself in the bathroom at the movie's conclusion.
Original description: Christina, five months pregnant and in constant need of the bathroom, has been out shopping with her friend Stephanie. On the way back to Stephanie's house, however, the car breaks down and help will not reach them for about an hour. Holding a full bladder, Chris doesn't think she can wait that long and decides to walk the last mile to Stephanie's place and use the bathroom, while Stephanie stays with the car to await the breakdown truck. Chris, unwilling to relieve herself in the woods in case she steps on poison ivy or encounters a large such as a bear, walks along the roadside fighting the urge to let go. She loses her way, making the walk home even longer. When she eventually finds the house, she discovers the door is locked and she doesn't know where Stephanie's spare key is hidden. She tries to call her friend, but Stephanie is not answering her phone. At this inopportune moment, Chris' baby starts to kick, pounding against her bursting bladder. Can she wait until Stephanie calls her back? The movie concludes with Chris taking a shower).

5. Jynx: Holding Techniques Remastered
19 minutes 55 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - bitrate 911.1 MB
Preamble: It took a little bit of persuasion to get Jynx to do this one because, contrary the personality she tries to project, she's a very shy person. When she worked on the nine-model shoot in 2009, she barely uttered a word to anyone and tried to hide away whenever she could. We had worked together for a few years and she trusted me, so not at all sure she could see it through she agreed to give it a try. In the end, she did rather a good job.
Original description: Jynx needs to pee. Her jeans are very tight. How is she to hold on? She takes us through some techniques for fighting off the urge to release, which include rubbing herself on the back of a chair and on a hand rail. She even massages her own breasts and rubs the lips of her vagina through her tight jeans to help take her mind off her desperation. When she does finally give in and pee herself, she makes those tight jeans lovely and wet.

6. Melanie: Office Girl's Embarrassment Remastered
19 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - MP4: 884.4 MB
Preamble: In contrast to Jynx, Melanie was not the least bit shy about anything, other than removing her clothes. She came originally just to do bondage work, but ended up giving pee desperation a try. She took to it with ease, and perhaps her shoots would have gone on longer than they did, but Melanie was a girl constantly moving from one project to the next and never stayed with anything for very long.
Original description: Melanie works in an office which is being robbed. One of the thieves has taken her to a storeroom and is keeping her locked in there while the robbery is in progress. He asks Melanie how many cameras are in the building, but her answer is not entirely lucid because she is seriously bursting to use the bathroom. At first, Melanie is tense and keeps moving around restlessly, but this soon builds to a frantic pee dance as she struggles not tow wet herself. The thief leaves her for a while, and she finds herself wishing he would come back so that she can negotiate with him for the use of the bathroom. When he does return, he is intractable and makes Melanie stand there wiggling and crossing her legs in humiliating desperation. The thief tells her they will be done in a few more minutes, but Melanie cannot wait that long. Pee explodes out of her, pouring down her legs and literally gushing into her shoe from which it jets back out onto the floor. Melanie's embarrassment is acute, but this turns to dismay when the thief leaves her locked in the store room. Eventually, she sits down in her wet skirt to wait for someone to find her, glancing uneasily at the big puddle on the floor that is the first thing her rescuer will see. (The peeing sequence is recorded from two angles).