Only One Way Out (MP4) - Becca

Only One Way Out (MP4) - Becca
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Becca - Only One Way Out
84 minutes 19 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 3,898.5 MB - Movies supplied in two equal parts

Becca wakes zip tied to a chair, unable to remember how she got there. The last thing she recalled was being at work, and the man who brought her a coffee, one of the senior staff. As she comes to her senses, she sees that same man in front of her. She struggles, asking him what is going on, what he thinks he is doing. When her questions slow down, the man explains that, yes, the coffee was enhanced with a little something, and that she was here to face a challenge. Confused, Becca admits that she does not understand. The man draws her attention to the drinking bladder, the kind used by cyclists, hanging from the ceiling. He tells her that she can obtain her freedom any time by drinking the four pints (2 liters) of water in the bladder and not wetting herself for two hours. If she can achieve that, he will set her free, consequences be damned. If she can't hold her pee that long and pisses her pants, he will keep her prisoner and make her suffer the same ordeal the next day, and the day after, and the day after that, until she is finally able to hold it for two full hours. Becca tries to object to this treatment, but the man assures her that following his instructions is her only ay out of her situation. If necessary, he will hold onto her for years. Reluctantly, Becca starts to drink the water. Over a period of about half an hour, she empties one bladder and is well on the way to filling her own.  She is distressed when the man tells her that the two hours start from the moment she finished drinking the water. The challenge already seemed impossible, but Becca had no choice but to attempt controlling herself for a hundred and twenty minutes.