Trying To Make Her Wet Herself (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Trying To Make Her Wet Herself (MP4) - Vonka Romanov
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Vonka Romanov - Trying To Make Her Wet Herself
25 minutes 50 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,196.2 MB

Vonka arrives home longing to pee, but she encounters an intruder. The man can see almost at once that the girl is very uncomfortable and can't stand still. He infers that she needs to pee, then gets to admit it. Instead of just committing a robbery, the guy can now have some real fun. He first orders Vonka to stand with her legs apart, watching the strain on her face as she has to rely on her muscles to keep from wetting herself. After a minute, he instructs the girl to take off her clothes, mainly to find out if this makes it harder for her to hold her pee. Evidently, it is. Vonka is made to stand with her legs apart again as water from a bottle is poured onto the floor in front of her. This is sheer torture but somehow the girl manages to hang on. Time to move the fun to the bathroom. Here, Vonka is made to stand in front of the toilet and keep holding herself. The man has more fun with her by suggesting this is so like waiting for a stall in the ladies room, and he proceeds to empty another bottle of water into the toilet to simulate the sound of someone using the toilet in the stall while Vonka waits. By now, the poor girl is bursting. She looks relieved when she is told she can sit on the toilet. True, he does make her hold her pee a little longer, but then she finally gets to go... at least for a few seconds. The doorbells chimes and the man makes Vonka stop peeing. With an agonized expression, she manages to cut off the flow. She is told to answer the door, but beforehand she is permitted to put her panties back on. She grabs a T-shirt left beside the sink and hurries to the door to deal with the caller, knowing the intruder is watching her every move. Vonka squirms as she persuades the caller to go away, then leans her back against the door, legs crossed, to recover herself a little. She thinks she will be allowed back to the bathroom to finish peeing, but the intruder has other ideas. He makes her walk back to the kitchen where he now pours cold water onto the front of Vonka's T-shirt, making is semi-transparent. Vonka is going frantic trying not to pee while this is happening. Only when she reluctantly agrees to remove the wet T-shirt is she permitted to head back towards the bathroom... not the closest one but the one in the master bedroom. The man is blocking her way, making her walk so slowly when all she wants to do is run.