Jayne Remastered: Volume 3 (MP4) - 3 hours 37 minutes

Jayne Remastered: Volume 3 (MP4) - 3 hours 37 minutes
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Jayne Remastered: Volume 3 - 7 movies

Time: 3 hours 37 minutes

1. Hanging Out With Jayne: Morning Remastered
54 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,546.1 MB

Here, you get to spend a day with Jayne, starting at 10 a.m. when she gets up until about 6:30 p.m. when she is on her way home from shopping. This long movie falls naturally into two parts: Morning and Afternoon. In Morning, Jayne makes tea, puts on her make-up and runs errands (returning videos, recycling bottles, mailing letters) all without a visit to the little girl's room. By around one in the afternoon, she is seriously desperate to pee, but instead of driving home after her errands are complete, we visit a fuel station and Jayne has the job of filling the tank. This is a task she has never performed before, being neither a driver nor a car owner. It is a bit of a challenge, especially for someone coping with a full bladder at the same time. The challenge proves too much, and Jayne actually leaks while pumping fuel. Next, we visit another gas station where some unkind person leaves Jayne in the vehicle, camera running to record her struggles while he visits a convenience store to buy her some more liquid. Ever thoughtful. It's hardly a surprise that the movie ends with Jayne seriously wetting her jeans.  (Delivered in 2 parts).

2. Hanging Out With Jayne: Afternoon Remastered
63 minutes 50 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,945.8 MB

In the afternoon, we pick up Jayne's day an hour later. It is now two-thirty in the afternoon, and she has showered, eaten lunch and changed her clothes. We're on the road again, this time heading for the mall. Jayne has carte blanch to buy clothes and shoes, and can't wait to get started. Naturally, we are working towards the time when she can't wait for another reason. We start off in a shoe shop where Jayne is trying on one pair after another, already receiving twinges from her bladder (she drank water on the drive to the mall). From there, we really get into the swing of it, visiting chain stores and boutiques. There is approximately 35 mins of Jayne walking around stores looking at clothes, and paying for them. We witness her body language gradually change as we go through the entire afternoon, going from an occasional fidget to more or less continuous movement. In the final store, she declines the opportunity to try on a sweater, buying it on trust because she her bladder is expanding now and growing very uncomfortable. At one point (off camera - sorry), I ask her how she is doing. She says she can perhaps hold it for another thirty mins. We don't return to the vehicle for another forty-five mins, and on her final walk through the stores to get back to the parking area, she falls very quiet. I ask her again how she is doing, again off camera, and she says she is concentrating on not peeing herself. (Delivered in 2 parts).

3. Close Call 1 Remastered
32 minutes 16 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,479.9 MB

Jayne was up for some more location filming, so we did several movies where she is out in public with a full bladder. The first was a trip to the stores to exchange some clothes that didn't suit her for some that did. In preparation, Jayne drank some tea, then on the journey there, she guzzled a whole 33.4 fluid-ounce bottle of water. We discovered when we arrived that we had forgotten to bring the clothes for return, and decided we would return them the next day, and hence make a second movie of this kind. We ended up shopping just for underwear - the bra and panties sets Jayne was to wear in Dish of the Day and Teasing. Since that didn't take too long, and Jayne was thirsty, we decided to go into a cafe for some coffee and ice cream. We were there about half an hour, during which Jayne drank two large cups of coffee, and allowed a third to be poured which she then transferred to a disposable cut to take away. On the way back, we stopped off at a grocery store. During the checkout process, Jayne stood neither moving nor speaking and finally hobbled back outside. It looked like Jayne would not even make it back to the vehicle, but she managed to hold it. We drove only a few miles before it was clear she was ready to explode, so we pulled off the main road onto a quieter one where Jayne hopped out and peed in her jeans.

4. Close Call 2 Remastered
22 minutes 53 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,061.1 MB

We were going back to town in order to exchange the clothes we had forgotten to take with us the day before. When we picked up Jayne from her hotel, she announced right off the bat that she had drunk three cups of coffee in preparation for the movie. Building on this further, she drank water during the journey to ensure that her bladder would be very full before we entered the mall. Things don't go quite according to plan, however. We arrived at ten-fifty, only to discover that the store don't open until eleven on a Sunday. After trying the door without success, Jayne had to walk back to the Jeep and wait for an extra ten minutes before we could go inside. Another factor is that, in an effort to provide variety, we parked on a different side of the mall, as far away as it was possible to get from the shop where the clothes had to be returned. This meant a very long walk for Jayne, longer than she realized. By the time we reached our destination, she was gasping in desperation. Then, having selected replacement garments, she had to stand at the desk several mins before someone came to assist her, then another 2 mins while the returned garments were processed and the replacement ones rung up. Throughout this incredibly slow process, Jayne gripped the counter and stood with her legs crossed. At one point, she even put a hand inside her pocket in an attempt to hold herself.

5. Dish Of The Day Remastered
11 minutes 15 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 523.2 MB

One of the more bizarre ideas we tried out. The fruit which Jayne is covered in was purchased by her the day before in Close Call 1. The premise is as follows: Jayne is employed in a restaurant where people act as serving dishes for food. Jayne is covered in a variety of fruit that customers can come and take as they like. Perhaps she arrived late for work, but after laying there for a while, she badly needed to pee. When the manager comes over to ask her how everything is going, she explains that she badly needs a visit to the bathroom, but he says that she'll have to wait until the lunch period is over. She agrees, but she is clearly not happy. As more time passes, her anxiety visibly grows until she is close to panic, because she knows now that she is not going to make it. Sure enough, she wets her panties in spectacular fashion with pee puddling beneath her. Oddly, none of the customers appear to notice what she has done and life carries on as usual. There is a behind the scenes sequence at the end of the movie.

6. Dying For The Loo Remastered
14 minutes 17 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 622.3 MB

Jayne plays the role of a secretary walking home from work. She is caught short en route and goes to a gym where she normally works out, hoping  to use the toilets there. When she tries the door to the building, however, she finds it locked. As she is wondering what to do, a friend turns up and calls out to her. Jayne hurries towards him, gratefully climbing into his vehicle, announcing as she does she that she is "dying for the loo." Her friend offers to drive Jayne home and Jayne thanks him. Her desperation is so extreme that she squirms the entire time they are driving, and when the vehicle pulls up outside Jayne's place, she hastily jumps out and makes a run for the front door. Only then does she discover that she has left her purse, and hence her keys, inside her friend's vehicle. The next blow comes when she finds the keys are not in her bag, and realizes she must have left them at work. Unable to get in, Jayne pee dances frantically, trying not to lose control of her very full bladder. Just as her friend offers to drive her somewhere else if she wants, Jayne starts to wet herself. She freezes, trying to regain control, but it's no good - pee streams down her legs and hits the floor of the porch with a loud roar. Her friend can hardly overlook such an obvious accident, and poor Jayne's embarrassment increases tenfold.

7. Waiting For The Principal Remastered
18 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 3x4 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 836.5 MB

This version is about 5 minutes longer than the original. It contains a sequence at the beginning where Jayne has to wait for some background noise to stop before filming can begin. She clearly needs to pee and is waiting somewhat anxiously to get started.
Original description: Jayne Smith is a bad pupil. She keeps turning up at school in a skirt that is far too short. She has already received several warnings about it, Waiting Jayne - Waiting For the Principal but she continues to turn up dressed to drive the boys crazy. She is summoned to the Principal's office to receive a stern lecture and he will meter out a suitable punishment. It's no surprise that Jayne arrives late for her disciplinary session, and when she does turn up the Principal is busy. The Principal's personal assistant tells her she must wait until he is able to see her. Jayne complains about needing to visit the bathroom, but the PA tells her to stay put, warning that if she leaves and the principal finds her gone, she will be suspended. Knowing that she is already in enough trouble, Jayne decides to do as she is told and sits wiggling and pacing outside the Principal's office for what seems like an hour. Her desperate grows worse and worse until she thinks her bladder is about to burst. She tells the PA that she simply MUST visit the bathroom, but still he refuses to let her go. Unable to contain the pints of pee in her swollen bladder any longer, she finally loses control all over the floor, just as the PA returns to tell her that the Principal can see her now.