Whatever It Takes Remastered (MP4) - Lola Lynn

Whatever It Takes Remastered (MP4) - Lola Lynn
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Lola Lynn - Whatever It Takes Remastered
25 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - aspect ratio: 4x3 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,210.8 MB

Original version length: 29 minutes. The original release was split over two files and contained some overlap. As with the other movies in this set, the action unfolds in chronological order. A few sound effects added in the original are not present here; you essentially get to see the making of this video exactly as it was film on the day. All edits are places where the camera was paused; everything recorded is here.

Revised description: Lola's sister has been grabbed and held for ransom. To get her back safely, Lola must follow the instructions of her captor or risk losing her forever. She is forced to drive around all morning to make sure she is not being followed by police. At no time is Lola permitted to get out of the vehicle (a miniature camera has been installed there to watch her at all times). If Lola moves leaves the camera's field of view at any time, bad things will happen to her sibling. Trapped in the vehicle for hours, Lola's bladder has filled until she is bursting to pee, but still she is not permitted to get out and relieve herself. To make matters worse, her sister's captor is becoming increasingly paranoid and now believes Lola might be wearing a wire. He tells her to take off all of her clothes and throw them out the window. Willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her sister's safe return, Lola complies and is forced to drive to the next rendezvous completely naked. Her state of nudity is not helping with her toilet situation, and Lola feels she is now on the brink of losing control. .When she is again told to wait for further instructions, Lola becomes frantic. She MUST pee!  Her bladder is ready to explode! As a last resort, fully aware that she is being watched, she retrieves a candy tub from the back seat, removes the contents and pisses into the container, gasping with relief as she feels the pressure on her bladder subside.