Jasmine St James: Set 25 (MP4) - 48 minutes

Jasmine St James: Set 25 (MP4) - 48 minutes
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Jasmine St James: Set 25 (MP4)

Time: 48 minutes 15 seconds

1. Almost Out Of Time
17 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 828.5 MB

Jasmine is a glamour model and she is running late for a shoot. She is also dying to pee but she can't afford the time to stop anywhere or she may lose this gig. She finally arrives just ten minutes before the end of her hour session and the photographer is not at all pleased. In fact, he thinks it would be best to cancel her since his next model is due to arrive very soon. Jasmine, anxious not to lose this job, pleads with him to give her a chance, promises she can get in and out of outfits very quickly. Reluctantly, the photographer agrees. Given the mood he is in, Jasmine does not dare mention that fact that she is bursting to pee. She climbs into the first outfit and poses, wincing when the photographer asks her to sit and pose. The last thing she needs to do is compress her full bladder, but she has no choice. Next, the photographer wants her to wear T-shirt and shorts; trying desperately to control herself, Jasmine changes her clothes. Worried that she might actually wet herself, she asks the photographer if she could quickly run to the bathroom. He points out that they only have a few minutes left, so if she wants to get paid at all she needs to stick with it. Jasmine readily agrees, trying to remain professional. Her poses look strained and she struggles to control herself. She really is bursting. When she climbs into a tight black dress for the next set of photos, Jasmine can't help squirming. She tries to maintain her pose as the camera takes a series of pictures, but she can feel pee leaking through her panties. It's not good. Pee is running down her legs. She turns away from the photographer and wets herself on his rug, much to his displeasure. After this humiliating act concludes, the photographer insists that Jasmine continue with her work, and makes her pose in wet clothes as he collects more photographs. Jasmine is mortified, but she really does want to get paid.

2. The Shopping Trip
25 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,159.6 MB

Jasmine calls an Uber to take her to the mall, drinking from a 32-ounce cup of iced tea on the journey. At the store, she moves along the racks of clothes, selecting items to try on. That big iced tea is catching up to her and she squirms while choosing garments. She heads off to the changing room to try them on. She strips down to her bra and panties, admiring herself in the mirror before trying anything on. As she goes from garment to garment, the urge to pee grows steadily worse. Finally, wearing one of the store's dresses, she hurries off to the ladies room, only to find a queue of four women waiting for a free stall. Unwilling to wait in line, Jasmine goes back to the changing room, climbs back into her own clothes and selects the items she actually wants to buy. She hopes that by the time she returns to the toilet after paying, the line will have disappeared. She is dismayed to find that three of them are still waiting to pee. Jasmine has no choice but to join the line and wait her turn. After less than a minute, it becomes clear to her that she will never make it, and decides to depart and go back to the Uber. She will have to wait until she gets home to relieve herself. The driver is taking some bumpy roads, however, and the jolts are playing havoc with Jasmine's overfull bladder. She finally asks the driver to stop so that she can get out and pee, but there is nowhere to pull off the road at the moment. Jasmine squirms in sheer desperation, and when the driver finally turns onto a bumpy track and starts to slow down, Jasmine begins pulling on the locked door handle, frantically asking the driver to let her out. She is barely out of the car when Jasmine starts to wet herself. She can't stop going so there seems little point in running into the woods now. She can't believe it when the driver says he is not letting her back into his car like that, throws out her shopping bag and drives off, leaving her stranded in her wet panties and with pee streaks all down her legs.

3. Pee Brain
5 minutes 18 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 245.4 MB

Pee Brain is actually from a 2017 bondage custom. Jasmine needed to pee throughout filming, holding it for the next B2B clip, but about 70% of the way through she had an attack of what she calls pee brain, forgetting that this was not a pee video. You don't get to see her pee at the end but I thought it worth sharing her desperate struggling. I'm adding it as part of the set only because I don't want to make anyone purchase for it when there is no pay off at the end, if you see what I mean. This sequence was left in the custom video, and the buyer (Japanese) was very happy about it. Funny how we accidentally get it right sometimes.