Violet: Set 1 (MP4) - 91 minutes

Violet: Set 1 (MP4) - 91 minutes
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Violet Set 1

Total time: 91 minutes 35 seconds

1. Violet's First Time
30 minutes 40 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,416.1 MB
Working with a girl who has never done any pee desperation before, the performance and outcome are totally uncertain. To kick off Violet's very first attempt, we chat to her as she is just drinking liquids and waiting for her bladder to fill, we watch her putting on some make-up, and then change from her leather pants into jeans and panties. She rocks in the chair for a while as she drinks still more, then we finally take her outside where she sits and continues to hold it. During this video, she talks about the worst experience of her life, being stuck on a bus and desperate to pee for an extended period. When she really feels the urge to release, she stands up and wets her jeans. Violet pees at a very slow rate even when bursting, so this process takes a long time. At the end, she removes the jeans to show off her wet panties.

2. No Choice But To Hold It
45 minutes 44 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,116.0 MB
The tried and tested method of making a girl hold it when she needs to pee, Violet had her ankle chained to the wood stove, making sure she could not get clear of the carpeted area and therefore could not pee, no matter what. She continues intaking fluid for much of this video. Her transition from mild discomfort to a serious desire to pee is clear to see as the minutes pass, with Violet resorting to holding herself while her fidgeting grows increasingly pronounced. After waiting for over 40 minutes, Violet makes a bid to retrieve the vase but she can't quite reach it. When she has it handed to her at last, she removes her panties and pees into the vase, taking quite a long time to empty out. At the conclusion of the video, the pee is poured into the graduated cylinder to determine how much Violet had been holding.

3. Violet Has To Go
15 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 699.4 MB
This was intended to be a handcuffs clip for the handcuffs store on Clips4Sale, following which we would film some more pee desperation. It was clear from the start that Violet was already desperate to pee. We try to arrange things this way to avoid too much down time during the shoot, but Violet was far along by the time filming got underway. Once she had been secured to the chair, her abdominal bulge becomes very obvious. It was hard for her because of the tight skirt and the pantyhose both fighting her distending bladder. In consequence, Violet found it very hard to keep her mind on performing a simple handcuffs clip. She starts talking about needing to pee about one minute into the "official" recording, and we have to re-set and do it again. Even then, not many minutes pass before Violet is compelled to mention her need to pee again. Realizing this would have to do for the handcuffs scene, Violet was freed and we went back outside. She held on for a few minutes and finally released it all. Violet is a slow urinator and it took her almost 1.5 minutes to empty her bladder.