Just Jeans Volumes 1 - 6 (MP4)

Just Jeans Volumes 1 - 6 (MP4)
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Just Jeans Volumes 1 to 6

Total time: 2 hours 56 minutes

These are the first six jeans compilations converted from WMV to MP4 and enlarged from 640x480 pixels to 960x720 pixels. The bitrate is set at 5 Mbps which is far above that of the originals, but at least it ensures this will not be a factor in video quality. The contrast has been enhanced a little and all of the videos have been deinterlaced in the conversion process, an issue will plagued many of the early recordings. The result is really quite good. The batch totals just under 3 hours in playing time, and priced as they are, each one is just $3.00 each. The models featured are Christina, Erika Cole, Alex, Nichole, Kelsey, Beverly, Ginger, Lisa, Danielle, Jayne, Jynx, Julia, Tabitha, Sienna, Lisa Marie, MiMi, Emily, Sama, Lola, ReVay, Abby & Cassandra.