Just Jeans Volumes 7 - 12 (MP4)

Just Jeans Volumes 7 - 12 (MP4)
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Just Jeans Volumes 7 - 12

Total time: 5 hours 30 minutes

The next six just jeans compilations converted from WMV to MP4 and enlarged from 640x480 pixels to 960x720 pixels. The bitrate is set at 4 Mbps which is still above that of the originals, but capped to prevent the file sizes becoming too large - by this times, the compilations were generally longer. Because of merging the parts of each video, the software did not permit other enhancements. Nevertheless, the result is superior to the original WMV recordings. The batch totals just under 3 hours in playing time, and priced as they are, each one is just $3.00 each. The models featured are Jayne, Sienna, Amber, Beverly, Casey, Cassandra, Sama, Tabitha, Emily, Madison, Maria, Debbie D, Danielle, Wednesday, Lola, Nyxon, Amanda, Rachael, Jynx, and Lily.